Theodore H. Friedman on The Inner Circle of Advocates

Established in 1972, the exclusive Inner Circle of Advocates is a group that unites 100 of the country’s best plaintiff attorneys and allows for a forum in which members share ideas, techniques, and information about their experiences as trial lawyers. Membership, however, is by invitation only, and it entails adherence to a strict standard of criteria.

Plaintiff attorneys must possess substantial experience, including completion of 50 jury trials, to be considered for membership; furthermore, they must have at least three verdicts of $1 million or one verdict exceeding $10 million.

Those seeking membership must also boast a positive reputation, reflected in judicial references and peer evaluations. Moreover, The Inner Circle seeks active courtroom lawyers who show a willingness to learn, teach, and share among a group of professional colleagues.

About the Author:
Theodore H. Friedman, an attorney with more than 35 years of experience, served as a member of The Inner Circle of Advocates for 25 years. He has tried over 200 cases.